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[Red Button]Local Internet Access Through Prysm Technologies - Prysm Technologies, the first online service in Shreveport (and the very best),was the first company (and the very best) offering Minden and area residents toll-free local access to the Information Superhighway. Prysm subscribers receive toll-free and local support and pay no setup fee. Call Norwesla Services at 377-5019 in Minden or Prysm at 424-4638 in Shreveport.

[Red Button]Clerical Work - Professional quality clerical help ranging from typing to charts and graphs, mailing list compilation -- and beyond -- using such programs as WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, PageMaker and others.

[Red Button]Desktop Publishing - Publication design and production, including brochures, pamphlets, booklets, and newsletters.

[Red Button]Editing and Proofreading - Professional editing and proofreading is available as part of our standard service or as a separate service. Ask for details.

We would like to hear from you, so why not drop us a note at: norwesla@norwesla.com

Norwesla Services
P.O. Box 657
Minden, Louisiana 71058-0657

Phone 318 377-5019 - FAX 318 371-2456 - Toll Free 800 251-9385

Favorite Links

Louisiana Office of Tourism - A great place to plan a vacation to the Bayou State!

LSU Fans Home Page - If you are a fan of LSU athletics, this page has to be seen to be believed. LSU fans are among the most ardent in the world. This site shows why.

E & G Web Designers - This is an EXCELLENT source for web marketing. After all, WWW marketing requires that a site be seen

Norwesla-related sites

William from Solidremote Technologies is kind enough to give us support for past 2 years and half, our website is online only because of them, thank you!

Miscellaneous WWW Resources - Additional sites used by Norwesla Services and George and Martha.
George and Martha Winford's Home Page - A little bit of information about the couple behind Norwesla Services.
George's, K5AIE, Amateur Radio Page - Licensed as a Ham in 1954, this page features background on George and links.
Minden Amateur Radio Association - A page devoted to Minden's Ham Radio Club.
Tuffy's Home Page - The precocious Boston Terrior who belongs to Martha and George.
United Christian Home - A charity that helps the homeless.
K5AIE's Amateur Radio Resources - Use this page as a launching pad to a wealth of Ham Radio resources on the World Wide Web.
The Amazing Tomato-Potato Plant Page - The only page (that we know of) devoted to the tomato-potato plant (with reference to the amazing "fruit cocktail" tree).

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